കൊടുംകാറ്റിന്റെ നാട്ടിലേക്കൊരു വിമാനയാത്ര|Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang|Vietnam Travel Video

I just arrived with a mix of fear inside This is one of my first experience at a Hotel That they provided with a notice They have issues a signal for the storm since yestary and it’s expected to be up until tomorrow afternoon If we are lucky we’ll get to see the video/footage of the storm Currently we are here an Ho Chin Mingh City Airport, Vietnam We are now heading to Nha Trang which is known as Vietnam’s beach city. So we will now showcase the beauty of their beaches So we will now board their domestic flight And this was our guide who was with us for the past few days (At Ho Chin Mingh City) So we’ll be parting our ways now So we have tons of people working as our local support team here So lets check-in We are currently here at the Domestic Terminal (Vietnam) We moved pass the check-in procedures and the que was indeed hectic/crowded I did pay an extra amount to speed up the check-in process As in priority check-in so we are going through security We are going via VietJt As we are planning beach activties You may have seen Mali episodes, were we traveled from one island to the other. So we are at the boarding gate and our flight is delayed by an hour as they say the region we are headed to is warned for tornado/twister And this is our flight The flight is similar to the ones we have back home (like Spice jet etc) And after 1 hour and 10 mins we reached Nha Trang It’s actually raining alot here and as per their predictions this was informed and which is why our flight got delayed So we’ll leave straight to the hotel after grabbing our luggage. And I don’t think our plans will be possible today due to the unexpected rain. I’ll upload one or two videos after editing it and due to my trip I did miss a couple of videos as well As it’s been difficult to handle both specially considering Internet issues while travelling as well Which is why our channel faces minor delay with our content. So do show your support and lets head to our hotel So he is here to pick us up and our friend is here as well The place has been warned for storms until tomorrow afternoon So we are now heading to our hotel The area has a storm incoming and it’ll be raining With a storm ranging from the speed of 65 Km So if you are lucky you’ll get to see the footage So we our vehicle is here as well, lets go! After 40 mins we reached our hotel And the sea is right in front of our hotel but since the weather isn’t that calm we will check the area out later So this is the lobby and it’s fancy As we are checking in something new and different popped up As this is my first experience here at a Hotel As they provided me with a notice that says as per their Weather forecast Today is Nov 10th, 2019. As of today and tomorrow((11 Nov 2019) they are expecting storm or wind to hit from 100-110 Kmph speed As the hotel is located next to the beach and they warned us to keep all the windows closed and a safety restriction has been issued to stay away from the beach side So this is my first time and I do hope to capture it if it swings by Since it’s here at Vietnam you may not get to see it I did experience something while I was at Vishagapattanam as it blew away most of the things on our house. And I did face alot as I was returning to Kochi the next day So today we are at the mild fear due to the weather So lets’ hope for the best stay tuned This may be the first time were a vlogger shares storm to the audience. And I am heading to my room at the 13th floor as I asked for a sea view room So this is our room This is the sea view They asked us to keep the rooms window closed So this is the fancy and spacious room This is the toilet & bath Room size usually decrease as you go into the city But here it’s indeed spacious And it’s mostly an open toilet I’ll stop the video here and will see you with my next episode So by the end of my Vietnam series you’ll get more information on how to travel and what to look for I prefer Vietnam as a tour destination after Thailand, malaysia and singapore As you have tons of places to see here at Vietnam As this is indeed a place with more activities be sure to susbcrbie to my channel, like and share my content and channel As don’t forget to check out my instagram @hareesameerali I also have hariska.com hareesameerali.com (blog)

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  8. Harees അങ്കിളെ നല്ല വീഡിയോ. പക്ഷെ പഴയ വിഡിയോകളിൽ കാണിക്കുന്നപോലെ തുഅടക്കത്തിൽ ഉള്ള ആ ഇൻട്രൊഡക്ഷൻ വീഡിയോ കൂടെ ഉൾപെടുത്തിയാൽ നല്ലതാണ്……. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️love from saudi arabia

  9. Helloo.. Hareez Ekkaa..Vietnam Intro Kollam.. Videos length kurachude koottavo.. Nerathe Combodia cheytha pole Vietnam Village life. Nature, okke onnu cover cheyavo.. eppo alla Climet okke clear aayittu. Risk eduthu Kodunkattil engum pokalle.. nice Take care.. God Bless..

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