Omad And Working Out | Day 19 ✔ | Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2020

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss in
yesterday I did Omad diet I started at Planet Fitness and I did 32
minutes on the elliptical and actually sorry 32 minutes on the Stairmaster and
then I did a few massages and I left and I went to the YMCA when I went into the
YMCA they had a food pantry there where you could get items from the food pantry
and I thought that was pretty cool it’s free then I did the sauna for about 26
to 26 minutes something like that and then I walked the trek I did 10 laps
which was 1 mile and let’s see what did I do next I did the sauna again for 20
for 30 minutes I waited the extra 20 seconds and I just did sitting no
exercise in there then I went back upstairs and did a 50 minute elliptical
workout and I spent a lot of time at the YMCA then I went to the laundromat I do
not have washer and dryer at my house and I have four boys so I go there
probably two or three times a week then I went to a restaurant and I had a taco
salad there’s only three tips there taco meat chicken salad spinach and I had
another plate which was spinach broccoli the only bad thing was that sweet corn
bread and I also had dessert but I’m not showing that but it was a nomad meal
then I went back to the gym in the evening I did 20 minutes on the
elliptical and I did let’s see how many minutes I did 10 minutes on the bike
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