Ladies and Gentlemen, El Rey As you can see, always drink mescal with a glass of water. Good morning. Buenos días Welcome back. Vagabrothers guide. Mexico City. This episode is about La Roma. La Roma and Condesa, where we’re staying, are two of the coolest neighborhoods in Mexico City. And if you like our style of travel, this is where you are probably going to want to spend most of your time. We’re going to go meet up with some of our friends, local YouTubers, and explore the neighborhood. Let’s get started with some breakfast. Vamanos! This is a nice park, Bro. For sure. This is like the center, the heart, of Roma and Condesa. It’s circled by the Calle Amsterdam where we’ve been staying. The circular little tree-enclosed running, walking route. It’s a really nice neighborhood. Back in the day, Roma was the personal property of Hernán Cortés the Spanish conquistador who conquered Mexico City. So it’s always been a nice area, and today it’s the heart of the creative upper middle class part of Mexico City. Today’s Sunday so it’s also dog-walking day. OMG. Look at this thing. Mr Bigglesworth We’re going to be meeting up with a friend, another travel YouTuber, Alan Estrada, known online as: Alanxelmundo, one of the best travel vloggers in the business. Alanxelmundo. Hi everybody. Welcome to Mexico City. Welcome to Colonia Roma. This is my favorite place in the city, and it’s really hot. [Laughs] Where are we right now? We are here in Delirio Delirio is a restaurant of a very famous chef here in Mexico. She’s called Monica Patino After the earthquake, she helped a lot to develop this neighborhood. You have to try one thing: that is concha. I know. Concha for breakfast? Concha for breakfast in Argentina could sound really, really bad. But in Mexico, we have “concha con cajete” That’s worse. A ver… Gandalf. ¡Gandalf! Well, there’s a sad story about this neighborhood. In 1985 there was the biggest earthquake in Mexican history, and a lot of people died here. But right now it’s coming back again. For us around the world, TV shows, they’re talking about Colonia Roma, and I love it. We’re going to do a little bit of souvenir shopping. Not a lot. Just a little bit. Everything you will find here is unique, and you won’t find it anywhere else. Let’s go outside. We have mezcal….what we tried the other day with horchata It’s a rice drink with cinnamon. The only one popsicle that can get you drunk. Wow. This is cool. There’s just so much going on here. And we’re still eating a popsicle. Awesome. It’s like a house that’s been converted into a bunch of little, small businesses. This is another bazar called Trafico Bazar. And it’s not always here, but this Sunday it is. Guys, this is really cool. I guess the Casa Gallego, Centro Gallego I used to live in Galicia for a year, but I think we should go check it out. I don’t know, Bro. I’ve got a let out my inner stegosaurus Nice. He’s a grown up. You know. Buying these kinds of things is like, hey [Laughs} Pajama party. You travel with these ones, you will be unique, recognized. We’re not in the Centro Gallego. This is not in Roma. You don’t know where I bought this. That was cool. Got a couple, little unique souvenirs. Fernanda is going to come meet us. So is Rawvana. We’re going to have a little crew exploring La Roma today. It’s going to be sweet. Hi. How are you? Everybody hungry? I think we’re hungry. It’s that time of day. We’re two blocks away. From here? Yeah. That works for me. Plan is we’re going to head over to Miquel’s restaurant He’s a vegan chef, and we’re going to have some comida. What are we doing? Where are we going to go? Vamos a ir a comer comida vegana We’re going to eat some vegan food. Yum. People have preconceptions about Mexican cuisine, but one of them is not that it can be very healthy. Healthy. ¿Es saludable, no? ¡Si, es saludable! For lunch we’ve stopped at Casa Quimera, which is another one of these big buildings with a lot of businesses inside of it and gourmet markets. We’re going to have some vegan food. [Miguel] Bautista is the head chef behind Vegan Planet. He’s going to tell us a bit more about the philosophy behind the restaurant. I come from a French cuisine world. I’m a chef….a regular chef.. and then I become more of a vegan chef. Forget about the word “vegan.” as we need food to heal ourselves. People with cancer, with diabetes… they just need healthy food. Forget about this vegan or vegetarian. Healthier cooking methods, healthier foods. The first of many. it looks good. This is quesadillas sin queso. Santa Fe bowl with some chia seeds and spirulina We’ve done a lot of cool, trendy things. But right now, what we’re going to do is do something really classic. We’re going to a cantina, which is like a European Spanish style bar with food and drinks. Right here….here…right there. Food…not interested in. Drinks….definitely interested in. What I really like about Mexico is the people…..they are so welcoming. I don’t know. There’s something about Mexico…. You come and you just feel like you’re at home. It’s really…….I believe the phrase is “Estas en tu casa.” Estas en tu casa! Foto. All right guys, photo. Photo time. Name: Hello everybody. My name is Alan Estrada. Welcome to Mexico City. Fernanda Caballero. And Stella. And we just met. Rawvana Welcome to Mexico City. Hi. My name is Rodrigo, and welcome to Mexico City. My name is Alejandro, and for some reason I’m talking like this. But seriously, guys. This is Mexico City. It’s amazing. We have an awesome group of people. My name is Iñigo Montoya You killed my….. My name is Iñigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Quick pit-stop. Our home boy here has a design shop, and we’re going to go check out some of his cool art work. Dude, this is so badass. Rodrigo. Hi. Like my store? I like your store, man. You’ve got buen estilo Thank you. Mezcal, cerveza Let’s go. I’m seriously surprised it took us so long to find mariachis in Mexico. It’s the first time we’ve seen them Is this traditional enough? I think so. What is a cantina? A cantina is a bar. It’s a Mexican traditional bar. It used to be only for men, buy now it’s like… for everybody. It’s our turn. We’re going to sing a very traditional song Ladies and Gentlemen… El Rey Yo sé bien [I know very well] Que estoy afuera [That you’ve kicked me out] Pero el día que yo me muera [But on the day I die] Sé que tendrás que llorar [I know you’ll cry] ¡Llorar y llorar! ¡Llorar y Llorar! [Cry and cry] Una piedra en el camino [A stone in the road] Me enseñó que mi destino [Showed me my destiny] Era rodar y rodar [Was to roam and roam] Rodar y rodar…. Rodar y rodar [Roam and roam] Depues me dijo un arriero [Then a mule driver told me] Que no hay que llegar primero [You don’t need to get there first] Pero hay que saber llegar [But you do need to know how to get there] Pero sigo siendo el rey [But I’m still the king!] That was the best moment of our Mexico trip. Can you feel Mexico in your skin? Can you feel Mexico? I can. That was so much fun. I don’t know what that was. The cantina was very European… Spanish…but at the same time, very, very Mexican, and very, very fun. I’m really, really glad that Vagabrothers are here in Mexico City because I love my city, and I think that everyone should come to Mexico City Damas y caballeros…Ladies and Gentlemen, hopefully you enjoyed the day as much as we did. Thank you, Vagabrothers. You’re awesome. Make sure you guys check out all of their social channels. There’s a link in the description box. And if you liked this video, you know what to do: thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers for travel video every Tuesday and Saturday, and in the meantime.. Stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you guys on the road and in the internet. Go sub to all these guys because they’re awesome. Salud.


  1. Go to iztapalapa, then you will stop thinking mexico "es tu casa" mexicans hate europeans especially american europeans, they call them fucking gringo every time they can, but they will act like they don´t for a few dollars, white brother out.

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    Also, saludos para Alan <3

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  5. Great video. I enjoyed it enormously. I am a native from Mexico City but live in Guadalajara now. After watching the video I could not help feeling homesick. There are so many new cool places now in Mexico City, that I am starting to feel envious. By the way, around the mid 1800s, all the Condesa neighborhood was owned by a Spanish Countess. For that reason now a days that part of the city is known simply as "la Condesa" (the Countess).

  6. It is horrible to see this vid today that almost to the day one year after we are in 2017 and another big earthquake happened that has destroyed a lot in this part of the city, just like the one in 1985 did. BTW, the one in '85 happened Sept 19th, the one yesterday 32 years later to the exact day, that is a freaky fact. I hope everyone around here is well and we can hope to rebuild everything soon and help out the ones in need.

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