The Big Space Journey (1975) movie

Gorky Film Studio presents: THE BIG SPACE JOURNEY Scenario:
Sergei Mikhalkov Co-author:V. Selivanov Directed by:Valentine Selivanov Camera:
Vladimir Arhangelskij Producer:
Dmitry Bogorodskij Assistant:
Eduard Zaranskij Music:
Alexei Ribinov Starring: Sveta Isinyova:
Mila Berlinskaja Fedya Druzhinyin:
Seryozha Obrazov Sasha Ivanenko:
Igor Sakarov Druzhinyin’s mother:
L. Ovchinnyikova Kalinovskij:
P. Ivanovand the latest news from “Mayak”:In Moscow completed the first child astronaut selection.The winners
Sveta Isinyova from Bukhara,
Sasha Ivanenko from Donetsk,and Moscow student
Fedya Druzhinyin
are on their way
to the Cosmonaut Training Center.
Hey, kids! The needle cactus and the wart cactus
will blossom within one month Son, the needle cactus
is more important. This species is rare to see blossom. If necessarily make a
color photograph and draw it. When I return,
you’ll show me. Bye! On your places, guys!
Our commander. – Hello, kids.
– Good day, Yegor Pavlovich. Today we are preparing for the start.
I want to warn you of something. What? – I also was a child.
– What do you mean? The desktop board has more
than eight thousands of devices. I want you in flight no one is trying to “check out”
if they operate. We all manage. If you are in need of help …. – Did you say goodbye to your family?
– Of course. Then let’s go! I left my hat in the locker room. If you would please … Fedya. – Hey!
– Good afternoon. Did you hear the news? Every day there is something.
What do we have this time? The general told me, that our Astra experiment … Have a nice trip! Well …By joining the community of space astronauts,I swear that all my wayI will keep the laws of the space-brotherhood
And if necessary,I will not hesitate to risk
my life to honor the Earth. i>With pure heart, I swear.Preparations – first step.Everyone out of the safe zone i>Stands retractLiftoff starts when the countdown
reach zero. i>Ready for the countdown. 60 … 59 … 58 … 57 … 56 … 55 … 54 … 53 … 52 … 51 … 50 … 49 … 48 … 47 … 46 … 45 … 44 … 43 … 42 … 41 … 40 … Yekaterina, I have ask on you. Go ahead, Yegor. Tell to my son that this month
he does not need to irrigate the cacti, and in the next month only twice. 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … Zero. Start! Earth! We’re going up, everything is fine. Heading for Gagarin’s orbit. Minor corrections have been made. Divergence as usual. – Gravitational force?
– Minimal. Alpha 110, Beta 37 The 21 latitude circle was crossed. Keep the ship at this course. Go to stable orbit,
according to the data from the Valentina satellite. Roger that. Roger … Roger … Good luck, Astra!
Good Bye.The Astra is in temporary orbit.Turning on automatic gravity
on Astra’s board.Gravity on.Hello. The take-off encephalogram data are
excellent, as well as the emotional indicators. But Fedya Druzhinyin’s
are not all that good. – The heart rate is too fast.
– How? Almost double the normal. – Weird.
– Yes.I’ve had no time to call you
since we took off. i>It’s a lot of what we do.
Now it is too late.
Couple of days ago, at the take offit was a hell of noise at the start.The gokart-tournament is not even close to that.Just like a child’s play.When the rocket’s
last stage was disconnected,
it was as if all sound had been cut with a razorIt was so quiet
that it was scary.
You only heard your heartbeat rate.Before going to bed I recall
our evening city
and the phone box
where we used to meet.
Do you know, Seryozhka, that the Earth is so beautiful
and fascinating from here?Eighth DayThe flight continues successfully.Sasha Ivanenko’s encephalogram is excellent
just as before,
but the mutual understanding …Did you called for me, Yegor Pavlovich? Comrade Commander. We came as you wished,
Comrade Commander. All right … Well … There is such a thing… You know, it’s now the third day
the food is “disappearing”. I do not like such pranks. We are only four of us on the boat. Sasha, shut down the module off! Sveta, come from the right side!
Fedya, left side.Fourteenth DayWhat are you taking you are ruining.What are you giving you’ll get back.What’s new about the fewer? – Is it bad?
– The temperature went to 39 degrees. The ship is now running around, waiting
to make contact with Earth. I guess I panicked. What makes you so happy?
He is our commander! Flying with him is as beeing
in sanatorium. Everything is prohibited. Nobody is happy about anything.
What do you think about this? – Why pushing me?
– Like Nefertiti Queen … Stop hammering me, won’t you? Robin Hood …
We’ll be fine without his whistle aid. Hello, Earth! Doctor, you know, that I’m healthy. Captain, you have to keep immediately a 45 day strict quarantine. And no contact with the crew. Attention!
Crew, can you hear me? We hear you well. You’re kidding or what? In quarantine there are no
devices, only books. I can not control the ship! Due to illness of captain Kalinovskij, the Cosmonaut Training Centre delegated the commandship to
Fedya Druzhinyin. Goodbye. Did you understand? Hello, Earth …
I understood. I take the commandship of the vessel.– I do not want you to fly into.
– Mom …
– I do not want to hear about it.
– You do not understand anything …
I understand everything. More than 100 thousand attendands and you have been brought in the first three. I will not let you. And you tried to conceal it from me? I never thought that I would win. I just wanted to try it myself. No way I let you in there. You always taught me that
I’m not a child anymore. Is not that right? True.
But you have to understand me! After your father’s death
I have only you. He always wanted me to be
And now… Do not leave me, my son! I beg you … Dad would let me go. What are we going to do? The same as until now. Just better. The days in a sanatorium are over. # Step by step though, # Higher and more forward. # Takes us from the childhood # Gradually to adolescence # And soon it will come the moment, # When you have to decide. # And we were called for a journey # By the distant Milky Way # The night concern us with dreams # That are almost magical. # We’re rolling on a sledge # Through the Milky Way. # Although somewhat daunting, # The wind is quiet. # We are flying on a journey # To the distant Milky Way.Mom, I’m sorry
I came up on the fly.
I could not do otherwise.Although, frankly,
I regret it now.
Then when I come back, I’ll tell why.We eat well, six times a day.We service for fifteen hours.A lot of work, but when
you do it with friends,
the time flies.We do everything we can to
Yegor Pavlovich would be pleased.
Yesterday he said with a smile,
broad your horizons,
and one member of the crew
will make candidate disertation work.
Fedya Druzhinyin still nervous.I don’t know what the reason is.In Belarus expected +20 to +23 °C,
without precipitation. Ukraine +20 to +25 °C,
Scattered rain. Central Russia
+18 to +20 °C and sunshine. The Ural area
+16 to +18 °C without precipitation. The Altai region +20 °C. The Habarovsky area … Strange. We fly already 31 days
but our flight was not even mentioned. You would expect they will tell
every half hour news upon us? I also have not heard a word.In Moscow, sunny day with
rainless weather
+20 to +23 °C heat.It’s your fault that you missed
the announcement of our status. – Did I not tell you?
– Yes. See? You looked at the film. An academic talked about us.
It was pretty funny. I will not pretend, to say,
it is my opinion Now, despite
they’re children, you can see a big, serious, to say,
discussions, about, to say, conquering the galaxy. Attention!
The Astra has a gas leak. Gas leak on Astra. Follow me! We have three minutes time! Then it explodes and we’re done! Sveta, you stay here! Are you out of your mind? Why did you stop the elevator?
Every second is worth gold! Switch off all electricity!
A single spark could cause an explosion! Don’t you understand, Commander? Can you hear me? – Hurry to the engine room!
– Two and a half minutes left! Scared? What’s the matter? Someone out there is running. What? There are only four of us on the ship.
Nobody’s there. – It can’t be.
– But I have seen. – You imagined it.
– It was scary. I’m sure you’re joking. The girls have always
crazy visions. Maybe it happened to you.
Let’s go. That’s strange … This will be our commander. – Yegor Pavlovich. Are you in your room?
– Yes. Where else would I be? What news of your illness? I feel well. What’s going on at your house? – Everything all right.
– Why are you whispering? We saw someone here, and we can not get
to figure out who it might be. Do you see ghosts? We have enough serious problems. Care about work
and not about nonsense! Over. You have heard what
Yegor Pavlovich said?Dear Alexandra MikhailovnaI’m sorry that I did not answer
the recent letter.
Please accept my heartfelt
good wishes to the team i>I remember how you took me to the
contest in Moscow.
We were sitting in the garden,
eating strawberries.
I have not forgotten the teachings.
I’d like to teach the boys to dance.
On Astra, there are lot of
interesting things happening,
it is a bit like a fairy tale. i>Even flying too!Yesterday we activated
the third main reactor.
– We enter a meteor shower.
– That’s all right. This is not the first time. 9:4 It’s size is 200 million
square kilometers. That’s average size. Turn on shields, that’s it. It’s now 10:4 . Wonderful sight. Sveta. What’s the cabin temperature? Thirty degrees Celsius.
As in Caucasus. It is really hot. Temperature of the casing? 600 degrees. Above normal. The meteor field … The speed of … Speed of Astra… We wont get beyond the boundary
of the meteor shower. Why not? The vessel will melt. That’s mathematics. – Lobachevskiy.
– Pythagoras. And Sofia Kovalevskaya. Check it out. Increase the maximum. Trouble… You are sure
about this meteor shower? Do what you want. – Fyodor!
– I’m thirteen years old Fyodor! Fedya, you’re our commander. Your mother should know
the scientific importance of the flight. How the child’s body
behaves in space. She does not care
if it is her own son. That’s her. – I forgot her name.
– Zoya Petrovna. “Don’t worry, Masha.
I’m Dubrovsky.” Don’t push to much at first! Hello, Zoya Petrovna!
Excuse me, please … – You are Svetlana Isinyova, right?
– Yes. I know you
You’re the winner of the three. Yes. – Do you mind?
– But not for long. Please forgive me … Most likely you have come
to persuade. The women understand each other better word. Really? You think so? The adults already carried out
many flights. They are adults.
How old are you? Thirteen. – And you go up into space?
– Yes. – Your parents allowed that?
– Yes. You really oppose it? Very against it. Take a deep breath!
Now let’s leave Sochi. A was little tired.
But everything will be fine. – Sasha, contact with Earth!
– Yes. Earth! Earth! Meteor shower!
Can you hear me? We hear you Astra.
What is the swarm’s speed? More than 100 thousand km / h.
We can not stand. What measures have you done? We will proceed according
to the rules of the asteroid zone. Module. Resistance. – How much?
– 850 . Critical. People are cooked by much less. Splitter. I got it. Turn it up! It does not work. Now there is no hope anymore. Here is the end. What a pity … What a pity to die at the age of 13 … At age of 37 it would not feel any better. – Forgive me…
– For what? How much I protested, did not agree and
talked back. It works … I swear, it works! # The race is not for the weak ones. # The race is not for the fearful ones. # With any turn # Drama may come any time. # In life, too, # There are many of turns. # You need to learn # To overcome them. # Do not slow down on curves # Only so you learn how to win. # To win! Astra! Astra! Can you hear me? Earth, we hear you well. We successfully passed the meteor shower. Then Sasha suggested to dismantle
and repair the shield module. And who did that? – Sasha.
– Why did you not say anything to me? We forgot. What does that mean? We have forgotten, we were afraid.
We’re sorry. And what does the rest of you kids doing now? Rest. – Well, all right. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. Svetlana Isinyova normal breathing, the electrocardiogram has no change. In Moscow is now midnight. So from the beginning. Fedya, do not listen to your feet! – Maybe I should listen to my stomach?
– Listen to your heart. Look! Ready … And … one, two, three, four … Hilarious! And … one, two, three, four … And … one, two … # Maybe one day the fairy tales # From our Earth will by gone. # We’ll be riding to the stars # Like on a pair of brown horses. # There, in the new strange worlds # New tales will be found. # We bring them back to Earth # With a couple of brown horses. Every member of the staff! Astra is closing to a space station. Attention! A further problem. On our track there is another ship . We are meeting them. – Let us not disgrace ourselves.
– Lights turn on. It is possible that they are in trouble,
and therefore came off their driving course. I have automatic signals
from the interplanetary space station. They are asking for help. Which means, there may be no one on board. We’ll proceede according to the situation. We have to contact Earth,
or at least Yegor Pavlovic. It will take us off course
and we never get back to our orbit Who’s in charge here? I insist, Commander!
It’s too big risk! “Don’t wory, Masha.
I’m Dubrovsky.” We go to manual flight control, and turn on brake mode.
Did you understand? Yes. Then we go to the station
and check for the situation. – Sasha, go to manual control!
– All right! Sveta, sign up our coordinates!
Ready? Yes. Constellation Canis Major.
(Constellation Great Dog) Alpha Canis – 230 degrees, 30th quadrant. Beta Canis – 21 degrees, 76th quadrant. Epsilon Canis – 180 degrees, 49th quadrant. I got it. Starting automatics:
approach and docking. I got it. Turn on the station’s oxygen supply! Done. Approaching! Finalising. Docking. Oxygen supply to the station is running. Good job. I’d like to thank the crew
for the excellent work …. with an … ice cream. Fedya. Let me go to the station
to fix their problems! “The Iroquois will go to the war road”
– Hawkeye said. Everyone stays here
I’m going to the station. You are watching and keep
contact to Yegor Pavlovich. Today – walnut ice cream. – Where is the commander?
– In front, on a horseback. Bye-cocoa … BLOCK 1043 Hey … Hey! No one is here, right? This is P-8 block. Do you hear me ? What kind of help do you need? Just a little work. All right. I’m going back now.
Do you copy? We understand.
Come back, we wait. Hello!
Fedya, why don’t you answer? What kind of joke is this? Hello! Fedya? What happened? What happened? The ship itself is amazing.
Just think, Sasha. Cinema, greenhouse, library,
pool, everything. And no weightlessness,
there is constant gravity. Hello, Fedya! Where are you? What happened? Can you hear us? I have to go to the station,
to find out what happened to him. Are not you afraid to stay alone? Just a little Sasha.
But I handle it. You know, I can not leave Fedya. Bye-cocoa. Cocoa-bye. # Your face is burning # From the wind speed. # Towards us is hurtling # The racing track # Who can not take a risk, # Will never win. # Whether racing or life # There is no difference. # Do not slow down on curves # Only that way you learn how to win. # To win! Fedya! Sveta, I’m here. How are you? Fine. Where is Fedya? He’s not here. – Sasha!
– Yes?   – What’s new?
  – I don’t understand anything. I looked everywhere.
Fedya is not here. As if he disappeared in the air. Sasha. Sashenyka … EMERGENCY CONTACT TO EARTH I don’t understand anything.
We met an interplanetary space station. Astra docked to it. Why? For assistance. All right. And then what? Fedya went to the station
and did not return. Sasha went to look,
but he did not come back either. What do you suggest, Sveta? I have to go to the station. There can not remain only one astronaut
on Astra’s board. Should I leave the boys by themselves ?! Undock the station immediately
and follow the designated path. But what about the boys? When the station reaches in connection limit
we will bring them back to Earth. Try to tell boys this by
other communication channels. Hello! Astra is calling the space station!
Can you hear me, boys? Do you hear me? Hello … # One winter, I saw #How the lilac bloom # Like as in May. # Do you believe me? # Do you believe me, do you? # Be sure I believe you # I have no doubt. # I saw all that myself # It will remain our secret. # Our secret. – It’s me, Yegor Pavlovich.
  – I hear you. I need to see you. You must not, Sveta. The boys are in trouble but they ordered me to
leave the station and go on without them. The command from Earth is supreme.
The first rule for the cosmonauts. – You know, Sveta.
– Yes, I know. But there are other unwritten rules
of the camaraderie: Never leave your friends when in trouble. Yegor Pavlovich. Yegor Pavlovich! You should decide for yourself. Now you’re in charge. Ask your question. Did someone left the station
in the last hour?You didn’t give the code.I shouldn’t answer youbut I’m bored of
lack of exercise.
By solving a quantum electronics problemyou get the correct codeI give you the instructions.But I did never solve such a formula.What a pity.Then I can not
help you in any way.
You are machine,
you should obey the man.To give the instructions or notI do not understand you.Let’s go.The wavelength of the laser pulse is
1 microsecond,
the frequency is 3 kilohertz,power is 1 kilowatt,the ratio of helium and neonin active mediumis forty to one,pressure is 0.02 millimeters of mercury.At what scale shouldthe magnetron workto induce the change in the plasma  – You’ve got the instructions?
  – Yes.I’m sensing a change. What is it?You’ll soon find out
Do not worry!Ask.Darling, would you solve me
a quantum mechanical problem?Enter a question.The laser pulse wavelength
1 microsecond …The answer is in my memory.I know the problem.Ask more.In the last hour, did someone
leave the station?NoAll systems on the station are working normally?Currently, yesHow many people are in the station?   – Three astronauts.
  – Where are they?Two of them are in the cooling chamber nr. 1043,and one is next to me.Thanks for the information.
Bye-cocoa, dearie.I do not understand. I do not understand …Boys! Well, everyone together again. Boys? We’ll freeze completely. “We are trapped, musquetiers”
– Said D’Artagnan. There’s no way out. NITROGEN I think, first of all
we should warm up. Prepare and … In the cooling section is a
corridor in the event of an emergency slide. Which means,
there is here an exit to the space. There is certain death
waiting for us out there. What do you suggest? Nothing. There is only one solution. One of us has to go
into space and to try to get
to Astra’s emergency entrance. I suggest we draw straws.
Sveta is out, of course. Me? Why? Space float is not for girls. Marco Polo …
Outside are minus 150 degrees. Vacuum and radiation.
And we have no space suits. But we must do something! I said no. It makes no sense. No one is going anywhere
while I’m in charge. And to stay here, this does makes sense? To freeze within a few hours. Come on, Fedya, lets draw straws! Or are you scared, Commander? Me …? You … you … Well, if you want to know … If it wasn’t me,
the entire flight …   – How did you get here?
– How, how … If it was successful,
we can do it too. Hey! Is anyone there? How did it got here?   – The kitten was on Astra.
  – We’ll find out. Follow me! Attention! The crew is sliding through the hallway
leaving the cooling chamber. Turn of the projector screens
in the whole area of the space vessel. Turning of the flight simulation. Support stuff ! Everybody get ready
for the evacuation of the crew! Attention!
The Astra experiment is completed! What is this? What happened? Our flight should be of
scientific significance for the world … They really did misled us
for one and a half months? I knew from the first day,
that this is not true. That we will not fly. I realized that, when
I went back for Yegor Pavlovich’s hut.   – So you were the whole time pretending?
  – Are not you ashamed of yourself? I did not lie. I just kept it. Otherwise, none of us would have gone through
the final testing ground! But one day we’re going to fly, boys. You bet. Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov Perhaps many of you are disappointed, that you didn’t saw a real
space travel in the film . Don’t be sad. It was a reason for that. Each of us astronauts had huge
work to be carried out, before to go to the cosmos. The flight makes use of the full human
strength, knowledge, experience. I stayed only 12 minutes
in open space. But I can say, that every minute I spent in space was preceded by one year
of preparation on Earth. But I’m sure kids
the time is near, when you, if you want,
you will fly in space. I believe in it. THE END

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  1. I saw it 2 times before this, without subtitles and not understanding Russian. It's surprizing how little I missed. Only that one of the boys already knew it was an experiment beforehand. That I did not understand before.
    Anyway: It's a nice movie although the prediction that everybody who wants to go to space will probably never come true. The english in the subtitles is rather bad though.

  2. This is a typical 1970ies Russian propaganda movie. Made to show the west how great Russia was. Made to convince the west that russian people hat plenty to eat, had access to high tech stuff etc. We all kno that the reality was quite different.

  3. Американские режисёры из этих фильмов многое брали и создавали шедевры но тронуть могут только наши и не надо соплей.

  4. Почему два мальчика и одна девочка 🙂 И вообще глупость детей отправлять на хер

  5. I love the fact that they have a standard old Amana refrigerator on the main deck – although keeping ice cream sandwiches in the fridge compartment rather than the freezer would not work! Looks like they also modified some arcade games for some of the specialized stations. But overall, entertaining!

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