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Ahhh, the romance of the road. There’s something incredibly romantic and incredibly wonderful about going somewhere on the road in
your own car, with your own family but here are some tips, something we must
remember: Remember that travelling by car is not necessarily the most efficient way of getting there. So the
only point of driving is if you treat the drive itself as the adventure, the
destination isn’t that important. So always make plans, always decide where
you’re going to stop, always make the ride a little bit more than the arrival. That’s tip one. Remember, that because the road trip is the point of the whole exercise, you’re
gonna need photographs. So what you must be prepared to do is stop every 20
minutes the moment you see something exciting, something interesting. Stop and take a picture. If you’re
travelling with kids, if you’re travelling with your wife, take pictures with them.
Take whatever beautiful spot it is that’s in the background along with them. Many many years later, you’ll look at those
pictures, you’ll remember that trip and you’ll remember that holiday. As you can see I’m travelling
alone, but most times when you take a road trip it will be with your family.
And family means kids, which leads us to tip number three. Kids enjoy road trips but only up to a
point. The most common thing a kid will say on a road trip is, “Are we there yet?” So remember you have to keep kids entertained. Bring books, bring snacks,
bring games, bring all kinds of things so that they don’t get bored. And there is the other
slightly embarrassing matter of bladder control. You and I may be able to do it. Kids can’t do it, so always plan ahead. Always check where there is a loo. It
sounds silly but it helps. And this is a slightly downbeat tip but it’s probably
important. Remember that things can go wrong. Don’t travel at night. There are always
drunken truck drivers on the road. Travel during the day. Don’t take the line that
you will depend on GPS . There will be large stretches on the highway when you won’t get a signal. Always take physical maps with you. And always take, I think, some kind of first-aid kit. Somebody might get a headache, somebody might get scratched. And when you are a miles from nowhere, there’s no doctor to turn to. And for a last tip, here is something that’s very close to my heart. The best food in India is not in the five star hotel. It’s here. On the highways! On the roads! Whether it’s a roadside dhaba in the
Punjab or a toddy shop in Kerala. That’s where you’ll get the really good food. So, don’t pack sandwiches, don’t pack parathas. Stop everywhere along the way. Eat your meals on the road. I promise you, you won’t regret it! So that’s it for this week. Keep the suggestions going. Tell me what you want to hear. Because you know our motto: AskMe Anything.

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