Your Journey Youth Ambassadors – MOIRA Youth, Disability, Family

hi my name is kyia and I’m 18 and
currently a new youth ambassador that’s joined MOIRA along with Tiana.
Some of the things I’m interested in are being a social butterfly, I like to speak
to people and I like to be connected and I just like to have a good time, I like
positive vibes and just positivity yeah. Hi my name is Tiana and I’m also
currently starting as a youth ambassador and I’m really interested in just
leading people and doing that skill and I really I love to surround myself with
positive people and I’m just so excited to be able to share my ideas and
passions. I’m very passionate about trying to
bring joy to other people’s lives we’re trying to make people happy and I do
that on a regular like on a day-to-day basis by being around people staying
connected trying to like just ride positive waves constantly
yeah I’m very passionate about leading others and just being a role model to
others I love to be inspirational to people
yeah and just what kind said I just really like making people happy for me I
wanted to become a Your Journey youth ambassador because I wanted to be a
voice that I didn’t have when I was growing up, I feel like the life
experience that I have can really be beneficial to the people involved in the
team as well as the young people that we try to help. I wanted to become a Your
Journey ambassador to really be an advocate for you know the teenagers that
have been in in-home care and we just feel like we can really relate and offer
a lot like our ideas just from what we’ve been through that would really
support young people through this What most excites me about this
role is the fact that we get to design it and it’s very based around the needs
and expectations for teenagers that are In home care and we’re just really excited
that we get to have a voice in this on behalf of those teenagers out there
that are struggling and have gone through such bad experiences and that we
really get to just display how this is going to support them their arts and
sports and all types of things we’re really excited in serving our
community and I’m excited like for all those reasons as well but just the
opportunities that can come from this not only for me but the other people
involved it’s like we have the potential to make a change for a lot of people and
then for me seeing that change in those people I think that would be like so
rewarding to me and I’m really looking forward to it and I am really excited
for it. Your Journey means to me that every person deserves the same chance at
creating the path that they were walked out with the same rights as everyone
else, just because you’ve come from a different situation or a different
background or you’ve had different life experiences doesn’t mean that you were
less entitled to have what you deserve you get the chance to make something of
yourself and I feel like that’s what your journey means to me. Yeah your
journey means to me a lot what Kyia said but really in taking control of your own
life your own future and getting opportunities to shape your journey
and you know it’s also very captivating in the sense that it makes you feel like
you’re not alone and that there is heaps of support for you so yeah that’s what
Your Journey means to me

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